Saturday, March 06, 2004

Re: mount

Dyou mean System V? The kernel is standardized, but what about the commands/programs?

i think there are some POSIX standards as well. i do not have a book right now so cannot confirm. also a basic set of commands / utilities are also always present. basic directory structure, services etc and a few other things are also standardised.

Microsoft had a version of Unix called Xenix! And more surprising... it was developed in a partnership with SCO!

SCO was previously a distro company called Caldera. but they never made much money or something. then they became SCO. also MS does have a stake in SCO. all the reason why linuxers feel this entire SCO issue is just FUD.

Interesting. But dyou think this is such a great idea? It seems this might be a nightmare scenario when it comes to managing different versions. Is there something similar to DLLs? Basically components, which enables reuse.

i have never built apps in linux so i cannot say. all library files ie == dll's go in the /lib or /usr/lib folder. they generally have extensions *.so. also i noticed some lib files with extensions like *.so.2.6 .. so i guess they do manage versions pretty well. some distro's like debian, gentoo have advanced dependency checking mechanisms for apps.

So I have a folder called /u/mrao. So, this is my home directory?
that should be yur home folder. try $ ls -a . yu'll see a bunch of hidden directories and files. most are application settings files.

I didn't try to access them, but I'm sure if I did, it would ask for login data. Anyway, does this mean that all these folders are actually stored in some server and the machine I used to log in is just a thin client (terminal)?

you will get an access denied error. in linux permission model, there are three roles. user == guy who made the file, group == group of which the user is part of and others == everyone else. there are three access levels, read write and execute. execute is when i create an app (suppose cpp or shell script) i can set whether it is executable or not. so calculate the permutations.

the setup definitely seems distributed. but cannot say much. yu might be using dumb terminals, with only processor and ram, no hdd. basically boot over the network. or some other config might be possible.

Another question was regarding daemons.

the stuff you mentioned about daemons, actually services is correct. try
$ ps -ax
this gives a list of all processes.or goto sys settings>>server settings>>services under rh gui mode.
another interesting command is
$ top
discover for yourself. remember h for help. you'll get some idea of how wonderful/powerful the shell is.!!

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