Friday, March 05, 2004

Re: communicating to a modem

Basically, you connect to a friend's computer using hyper terminal.
I've a question... is there a program which I can use to make / answer telephone calls?

like mohn said, it is very possible and there should be apps. but i have tried, but failed with at commands i tried at home. probably you can give me a call next time you come to vashi, and we'll try some stuff.

how come you decided to chat it up with your modem?
well this was a part of the project at barc. dinesh and i got to work on some pretty cool stuff there and these have really been great days for me.!! with respect to the project, we connect to the nokia 30 terminal and a normal data/fax modem through serial ports on the motherboard of the microcontroller. then simply open input/output streams and communicate as required. also as we are communicating to serial ports through java, we have to use the java communcation api. just to get you back down to earth, we did not write the code. just refractored the example code provided with the TINI programming api to suit our needs. if those examples would not have been there this project would simply be impossible. at least thats what i feel.

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