Monday, March 15, 2004

Re: C++ Generics

Actually, they have an implementation of Eiffel that runs atop the CLR. Even though the CLR (CLS - Common Language Specification), doesn't support MI, they have managed to do it somehow.

you must have noticed the "Insights Into the .NET Architecture" series on artima. they did mention some stuff of multiple inheritance being implemented in the CLR/CLS. being as lazy (also dumb) as i am could you please put the bruce eckel blog on java generics in simpler language!!

"Metadata - Lets you avoid writing boilerplate code, .. That is actually also the definition of attributes. Attributes allow you to inject "custom" metadata.

can't you do most of the stuff simply by using reflections?
This is another reason why I think the metadata will not be too different between Java and .NET. Java also has Reflection capability.

the main difference is that in .net you have assembly = metadata + IL. right now i am not sure about the actual java 1.5 bytecode. but i'll tell you what i've gotten till now. there is no metadata layer in a .class file. metadata in java == attributes in c#. so metadata in java is just injection of bytecode based on the implementation by the compiler. similarly generics as of now seems casting by the compiler. hence there is NO metadata in java analogous to the metadata in c#. if any of you could confirm if what i said is right or wrong please correct. mohn i was wondering if you have any great faculty in yur coll, to whom u can/do ask such questions.

Those guys are Einstien's. I'm sure they have proper reasons for their choice. I was just stating my opinion.

yur opinions are always welcome!!

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