Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Re: Burning iso

Thanks for the info.

If you are comfortable working on redhat, stick to redhat

Pretty much the main reason I want to switch distros is that Red Hat is not recognizing my wierd network card. So I can't connect to the net. There's not much point in booting into Linux... especially since it's so new to me without a net connection.

I'm not sure if mandrake will recognize it either, but it's worth a shot. And it seems to me (my lay opinon) that Mandrake has a pretty good community behind it. Red Hat's site sucks. Plus they've stopped the client version.

i did not understand your earlier question. the red-hat cd-s were 653mb, 661mb, 496mb.

I downloaded the ISO images for Mandrake 9.2 - just like Red Hat, it has three images. I got them from here... It shows all the file sizes as < 700 MB, but the biggest image (698MB) is actually 731,797,504 bytes. So how do I burn that onto a disk?

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