Monday, March 15, 2004

ansi c++ revisited(by me)

i decided to get out of my java shell and explore some more languages. so decided to go back and read some stuff on ansi c++. i really liked the amount of freedom given to the developer to do whatever he wants. so i'll ask some of my dumb questions on the list, and just comment on the lang..

firstly what do you guys feel of friend methods? how much do u use them within yur code. i got the feeling that as "friend"ly as they might be they broke the oops principle of encapsulation.

a question now. whats the difference between creating an instance using new vs without new, say like stack a;. new is supposed to be dynamic runtime allocation so are instances like stack a given a memory space just when the os creates the app? aren't java/c# based on runtime allocation of mem.

also is there a heap and stack in c++. can i specify where i can create the instance. this is possible in c# right? code snippet please.

does c# allow overloaded operators?

so a few questions to keep you busy for some time.

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