Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Re: communicating to a modem

basically i'll show you how to issue commands to your modem. the modem can be programmed to perform various tasks.

That was a good blog Rahul. Quite insightful. Unfortunately, I don't have a modem, so I can't try out your stuff. But still, it was interesting. Just curious... how come you decided to chat it up with your modem? It aint something you just wake up one morning and decide to do. So something must have drove your attention there.

I've a question... is there a program which I can use to make / answer telephone calls? Something which runs in the background and tells me when the phone rings (assuming I don't have a regular phone connected) so I can answer it using the computer itself...

I'm not sure of any popular ones out there. But I'm sure they are available. A lot of ISPs over here include the software for guys using modems and having one phone line.

One a related topic... Have you guys heard of SKYPE (www.skype.com). It is program that allows you to voice chat online. The thing that makes this so amazing is the quality. The clarity is truely remarkable. It uses P2P technology based off of Kazza technology. Check it out.

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