Thursday, March 11, 2004

Re: C++ Generics

The whole point of introducing generics is to get rid of the casting completely so that you don't pay the performance penalty.

i read up on the article, and i think one you had posted before, on by the c# designer. i understand what you are saying but have no idea about java internals etc. i guess this is a price you have to pay for backward compatability!! post more stuff on language design's etc links whatever... have you guys heard of a language called eiffel?

i have hardly read stuff on artima. but they seem very design oriented. you recommend any more articles? also bill veneers, the creator of artima (i think) has this great book on java internals, the bytecode spec. the only thing i remember is java class files' magic number ... CAFEBABE ;) .

also i keep pestering dinesh with questions on stuff. (whenever i get the chance) he too came up with examples on auto_ptr and tupples. so mohn dinesh on similar freq.

It seems it might have been a better idea for them to make changes to the bytecode and metadata to make this happen.

could you explain what u meant.

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