Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Re: Burning iso

Just a small addition to Rahul's blog. If you are comfortable working on redhat, stick to redhat. Mandrake has a pretty weird directory structure - esp with the /etc stuff. The reason I use the word 'weird' is I've become very much used to using redhat.

I haven't used Mandrake but it's quite likely that they have some other defaults set differently. From this point of view, I didn't like suse very much.

I've been using redhat all along; I stick to redhat. The point is you wouldn't want to spend much time learning these kind of minor things/defaults... so just stick to what you're comfortable with... unless you have a very specific reason for choosing a particular distribution.
Like for example, you want the reiserfs (file system) instead of the ext3. Redhat did not support it until RH9 (don't know about fedora). SuSE does. But a few minor issues bugged me and my movie player for linux (mplayer) didn't work very well on SuSE, so I ditched SuSE. :-)

Digressing a little bit here... reiserfs is a really good option. It's more robust than the ext3 filesystem. Even in cases of improper shutdowns, it hardly takes any time analyzing it the next time it boots... compare it with the significant time taken to check the ext3fs. Just do a little googling on the reiser and ext3 file systems; you'll pick up some interesting points.

Happy linuxing...

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