Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Re: Quantum Computing??

Have you ever read anything on "String Theory"?? Scientists pine about how they wished reality would conform to the "String Theory", it is just mathematically beautiful and symmetric. But reality really refuses to conform to it, lol!

Can't say I have read anything substantial on String Theory. And it's just as well cause I doubt I'd understand it. But I have seen many documentaries on the subject. This one in particular I thought was quite good.

I don't get why you have such skepticism regarding quantum mechanics and the irregularities associated with it. We are not scientists so we will never fully comprehend this stuff, but I have no reason to doubt the work. I guess you could call it blind faith (something like religion) at this point since it's all just theory right now. But these guys are the pretty bright and I trust they know what they're doing.

I have read that String Theory is just mathematically beautiful and a great effort, but it holds little reference to physical reality.

So why dyou readily believe the stuff you've read discrediting string theory as correct?

I hope something as fast as the quantum computer is possible though. That would really be neat. But so far, unless quantum mechanics can be rationally explained, I see no hope for it.

I think they already have working models of very very simple quantum computers at research labs. I read that IBM has something going. Try googling it.

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