Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Profiling - Just works

I've been trying to set up a profiler for Java development.

I use Eclipse primarily and my first choice was the Eclipse project TPTP. However the damn thing just refused to work on my machine(Windows 32). I needed to primarily attach to externally launched Java programs. The Agent Controller (which collects profiling data) sample scripts works. But Eclipse is still not able to find the Java process. And the same installation/setup steps worked on another machine. But memory profiling did not work there!

That's when I tried the latest RC build of Netbeans. They bundle their Profiler with the IDE so no need to install anything separately. They have a pretty nice UI wizard which gives directions to start the java application for profiling. And guess what.. it Just Works. Though some of their UI is not the best like UML interaction diagrams in Eclipse who cares. Atleast I am getting some profiling data.

Maybe I'll try Netbeans as my main IDE once its released.