Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Re: General Stuff

Great to have everyone back on codeWord. Lets write some good blogs!!

the Proxy class in java.lang.reflect in the Java Documentation.

As Mohn mentioned, the Proxy class feature is similar to an AOP in a way. Both essentially inject code. I have not been able to get many uses of AOP. Always get the same examples like Logging, Authentication and a few more. You guys see anything more? What do you think would be the uses of the Proxy class?

Also I have changed my display name. Simply to get codeword as a link when I search for myself on google. ;). I do get a few hits at and a few linux posts I made, but codeWord would be much better to be linked to.

lol. You realize this is a private blog right? It's not listed in the blogger directory anywhere, so no links pointing to it. Google ranks based on popularity of site. Based on that, I wouldn't get my hopes up. Anyway, I helped you out... gave the search bots something to chase on your behalf.

Try this link. codeWord is there as of now. So I suppose even though ours is a private blog, it may not really matter.

And by the way why aren't we public??

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