Thursday, November 25, 2004

Re: Quantum Computing??

Whoa!! Wait a minute! I'm not calling "Quantum Mechanics" irrational, there is obviously phenomena related to the atomic and sub-atomic level, what I think is irrational are the explanations and the conclusions formed on the basis of not really knowing whats happening there! Prime example again is Schrodinger's Cat Experiment!

I do believe quantum mechanics still requires a rational explanation, perhaps Lewis Little's "Theory of Elementary Waves" will provide that, I surely hope so!!

And again, the qubit is a contradiction (atleast to me), unless it can be proved that it isn't, I won't accept it. It would be great to have a computer as fast as what a 'quantum' computer could do, but not yet sure it's possible with the qubit.

I may not have a degree in physics, but I'm not going to sit quivering over whatever the great minds tell me. I think for myself and do believe that physics concepts should be and could be explained to the average joe.


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