Saturday, November 27, 2004

Re: General Stuff

As Mohn mentioned, the Proxy class feature is similar to an AOP in a way. Both essentially inject code. I have not been able to get many uses of AOP. Always get the same examples like Logging, Authentication and a few more. You guys see anything more? What do you think would be the uses of the Proxy class?

The biggest benefit of the Proxy class feature is that it is dynamic. You can create a bunch of "pluggable" components and hook them into the system at runtime. Thats a huge advantage. And since you can inject your own code dynamically I guess you can do almost anything you want. You are like the gatekeeper. One use I can think right away is security. Make sure before something is executed that it has the right permissions or something.

Somehow I feel AOP will take a while to take off. Right now there is a bit of buzz about it, but it may take many years before it becomes mainstream. There's already enough to learn as it is. And adding another entry to the acronym soup isn't very encouraging. And unless something like this is baked into the system itself (like Java or .NET) it won't be very popular. What dyou feel?

So I suppose even though ours is a private blog, it may not really matter.

And by the way why aren't we public??

First, what is avivaint? I couldn't find the word on the codeword page that came up on google.

I realize even though ours isn't a public blog it will still show up on google and other search engines. I was just saying that since it's not public, there is less visibility so the chances of others finding it and linking to it are less.

And dyou want to make it public? You want others reading our dumbass discussions?

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