Saturday, November 20, 2004

Quantum Computing??

Reading the post on Crypto and the effects quantum computing has on it, I thought I'd write a few things.

The whole concept of quantum computing is based on the rational of what they call a Qubit. A qubit is a bit of memory that is capable of holding of both boolean values 0 and 1 simultaeneously!!

Is this really possible, I really doubt it. For long scientists have been saying that at the quantum level, causality is broken, that is just too dumb! For example, the whole experiment regarding Schroedinger's Cat is ridiculous! The claim of an event happening only when our eyes fall on it is just too goddamned subjective!!

True we don't know yet exactly what happens at the quantum level, but to infer from that a truly chaotic view of it is absurd. How can something be two different things at the same instant of time?? I'm perplexed, someone explain!

I've been wondering for sometime if something like quantum computing is possible, it's very base seems shaky! True I'm no physics expert, but still I can't accept a contradiction as the basis to a scientific theory.

There is one theory though, "The Theory of Elementary Waves" by Lewis Little thats seeks to explain quantum mechanics rationally!


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