Sunday, November 28, 2004

Re: General Stuff

One use I can think right away is security. Make sure before something is executed that it has the right permissions or something.

Authentication is one of the standard uses of AOP. Any more ideas?? You might just get the reason for the entire world to start using AOP.

And unless something like this is baked into the system itself (like Java or .NET) it won't be very popular. What dyou feel?

I had been to an IBM techday Live seminar in Mumbai. The speakers were good. And at really high posts. One of them was the consultant for the other IBM consultants. The guy who teaches the million $ an hour fees IBM consultant. Whoaa!! So I asked him the same "What are the uses of AOP beyond the general Logging etc?" question. He told me that AOP concepts would be used within the next tools with Model Driven Architecture(MDA). Before he could explain further he had to break; and continue; with the seminar. Now I am not sure about MDA. Ever read anything about it? It seemed like using tools to auto-generate code. Design patterns are described for which code is generated. Don't ask me questions on this!!

Another future trend I heard of is Business Process Execution Language (BPEL). Also BPEL is a standard on which even MS is doing some work. BPELJ is the Java implementation for BPEL. I saw a few demos for BPELJ. Again I do not know enough to explain. Read on any of these topics?? I think I'll just go back to reading the String class in the Java API.

Now these things have industry support, wider than AOP. And these things are getting baked in Java atleast.

So I suppose even though ours is a private blog, it may not really matter.
And by the way why aren't we public??

First, what is avivaint? I couldn't find the word on the codeword page that came up on google.

avivaint was a site I made, and had put some app of mine on the site for downloading. You'll find avivaint in this blog.

And dyou want to make it public? You want others reading our dumbass discussions?

If we get good readers, they might want to join. And getting more inputs will be a good thing. I do not see many guys out here, who are really passionate for programming and I suppose if we get guys like us (those who indulge in dumbass discussions) it will be beneficial. Then again getting public may not get us anything. But it seems better. I say we get listed in Nasdaq too!!

Btw if you think we should go public, change to an appropriate blog header

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