Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Re: GMail

A very advanced file search should be possible on Windows in the next versions. I think Yukon with database built into the OS.

WinFS in Longhorn has to do with (our good pal) metadata. It's going to tag every piece of info on the system with extra data to make it easier to search. Right now there is not enough info, so it has to weed through each and every file. Imagine if Google had to do that for it's 3 billion files. Talk about a long wait.

More than the 1Gb space i am interested in what search functionality gmail are talking about.

I dunno if the search functionality will be something new... just google, but for mail. Hotmail doesn't offer search capability as of now. Actually I wouldn't see that much of a need for it - I mean we're talking about 2 mb worth of emails. But when you have 500 times that space, search will be crucial.

The organization bit is the more interesting part. It will be in a message board format. So if I write you and you reply, it will be in a thread. Right now, it's all over the place.

OT - I read somewhere that with terabyte harddisks it will be possible to store every conversation you've ever had in your entire life in a digital format. Now, I dunno who in their right mind would ever want to do that, but it's pretty cool.

Besides so many govt org all over the world scan all the data highways all the time!!

"Echelon" is a project (US and some other nations) to develop a technology that could intersept every kind of digital communication.

BTW, have you googled yourself?

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