Friday, April 16, 2004

More balls through Windows

Just a few thoughts on the article...

Yet again, one of the main reasons presented in the superiority of Linux when compared with Windows, is the lack of security holes. I feel like this is a flawed argument and cannot truely be judged in a fair way. I'm not saying Windows is more secure. It most probably isn't. Linux is probably extremely secure, but there are still security holes in it. I don't keep up with it much, but the Debian computers in our CS labs will be shutdown this weekend cause of a kernel security hole. Recently, there was also a worm for the Mac released. No OS is completely secure. Windows is the most popular and is such a huge target - of course hackers are going to go after it. It will be the case for whatever OS has the biggest market share.

And I have also read the argument that with Linux there are people working 24 hrs on patches if and when holes are found. It is exactly the same situation with Microsoft. There are guys working on it round the clock. Ultimately when you talk of Linux, it is the kernel and the patches for the kernel will come from the "official" guys - the guys developing it (Linus and his buddies). Am I correct in this assumption? So again exact corralation with MS.

The other thing is my theory of why Linux will never reach high popularity on the desktop. It seems like Linux is a "cult" right now and those who are part of it are happy to be in on it. As soon as every Tom, Dick and Harry's aunt starts using it, it will be nothing really that special. It's a programmers OS. It's technical and complicated (relatively). That's why it's so great. The Linux guys don't want a Windows clone. Why would they? It's unique in it's own way and should remain that way. Not try to just ape other OS's. Anyway, that's just my theory.

The great thing about Linux is its customizability. That's why I feel the place where it will really shine (apart from servers) is in appliances... like Watches, Mobiles, Televisions and other small devices. MS has Windows Embedded and they are trying to push it hard, but without that complete freedom to customize, I dunno how good it will be. But on Desktops, I'm still skeptical.

My 2 cents.

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