Thursday, April 08, 2004

Re: Code Review - iermon

Read this document which was prepared as a mid-year report to explain the objectives, need etc. that document should clear most questions.

Damn! That's one hell of a report. It's really impressive. So you are completely done with the proj?

do not know how many principles of XP we conformed to. just that we were 2 guys on one pc

I dunno a lot about it, but I guess that is probably the most important principle. I have some mixed feelings about XP. Two heads are better than one, but you need to be compatible. If you got a perfectionist maniac (like moi) who cares about code formatting etc... and the other dude couldn't care less, it probably won't work well. But I see many benefits to it. With two sets of eyes looking at the code you can catch silly errors much faster. Also different ways of looking at a problem can be REALLY beneficial.

Device has a jvm on it...

Is the Java VM the Micro edition? How big is it? And does it contain most of the same API's from the Std edition?

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