Friday, April 16, 2004

Re: AOP (again)

better still see if there is any aop implementation in .net.

I haven't heard of anything about it. And doesn't seem like anything will be done for version 2 either which is coming out next year. So I guess it's below their radar right now.

Is the Java implementation a standard? If not, is it going to be incorporated into it in the next to next version?

definitely would want to contribute to some great open app, but will i give my killer app (if there ever will be one) under gpl i am not sure. i am not very sure of the revenue model. i know it is a bit of a hypocrisy but seriously never considered everything as open/free.

I don't think your views are hypocritical. I feel like a lot of people are doing either/or with open/closed source. I am wondering - Why not both? There are good points to find in both. A lot of guys writing open source apps work in closed source companies. Closed by day, Open by night ;-) How else can they make a living? Lot of changes are going to take place in the next few years in this area. Let's see what happens.

do you guys ever think of contributing to an open app?

Sure, but need to reach a level of competancy that I can actually contribute something useful instead of just introducing bugs. I actually don't really know how the Open Source Development model works. Do you? It ultimately comes down to one group that is in charge doesn't it? They control the releases etc... Just like the main kernel group. How does your avg joe contribute... for big apps?

also a very interesting blog by james gosling, the creator of java. he wrote on the recent microsoft-sun settlement.

Actually, I thought hell froze over when I saw Scott McNealy sitting next to Steve Ballmer with a grin on his face. Sun is such a stupid company. Seriously, they spent a billion dollors coming up with a case against MS and then they settle with really no charges against MS. What was that all about? And MS sucks because its able to using its hefty bank account to buy its way out of trouble. The business side of MS really needs to change.

Another 2 cents.

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