Saturday, April 24, 2004

Re: AOP (some other day)

an article was recently posted on explaining declarative programming. first the article explains annotations in java. in the second part 'Attributes in .NET Vs. Annotations in Java' are compared. the last difference is context attributes which are not implemented in java, but are in .net. AOP is supposed to be context attributes. this should clear a bit of the confusion. also post the next 'A Little Goes a Long Way' column whenever.

this i would say was the n'th major goof up on my side. i have never worked on AOP or annotations which led to some confusion. to be frank i still do not have a clear idea how all work. been quite some time not done any real programming. just reading stuff here and there. need to buy a book on java 1.5 soon. pass any recommendations. so final exams of engineering starting very soon. after that going to be a free man, and then - i'll be back. not that i'll not be bloging but beware of the 'exception'al blogs.

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