Saturday, April 10, 2004

Re: Code Review - iermon

It's really impressive. So you are completely done with the proj?

thanks.. a lot of credit also has to go to the guys working at barc. done with the project i cannot say. within the restriction of time we did an important portion of the job. we actually left implementation of the detectors using CAN. thats another protocol which allows multiple devices to be connected over a single bus.

Device has a jvm on it...

the microcontroller uses TINI. the TINI SDK is available for download from there are 2 processes always running on the system, one of which is the 'jvm'. it runs as a seperate process and the java app runs as a seperate one. there is no conventional jvm, but things work.

the API supported is the j2se, not j2me. but it tries to support 1.1.8 there are cases where only a part of a class will work as per the API. the API's we used were mainly lang, io, net. as a microcontroller they have sufficient and well chosen API support. more importantly, the TINI API adds support for other features of the controler itself. provides functionality for very specific stuff. for eg, you can program an led on the motherboard to blink.

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