Sunday, December 07, 2003

Re: the next JVM (Java Virtual Machine)

But memory management etc... is java code itself. I don't think it relies on the OS for this. Also, realize that just the main API's that programmers are going to use will be managed with WinFX - not everything. Low level code like memory management/drivers/kernel stuff will still be in whatever they are using C or C++ - maybe even asm.

i meant stuff like getting a memory location from the os etc during initilaization. internal mapping of the memory would be done by the vm itself. though there are many other areas where i see the vm needing the os. writing a simple .class file into the filesystem. or trying to read files over the network, running in a browser as an applet, gui event trapping... i agree that some of this, maybe all might be possible through low-level calls but i am not sure though. it will be very difficult though.

I am sure people will be talking about this and pressure Microsoft into doing something. I'll try posting on some newsgroup and seeing what they have to say.

that should be the best thing to do rather than my speculating. if ms goes ahead with what i make of it all it will definitely be the greatest anti-trust cases of all time!! but ms also has some aces,.. language independence and they have also submitted some sort of standards for .net to european ECMA. so they are sort of open.

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