Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Re: java rmi basics

So basically, stub and skel are proxy classes? That's how it's so easy and straightforward.

yup. you got that part. in fact there is an advanced option in rmic
$rmic -keep < Serverclass >
this option tells rmic to "keep" the intermediate generated _stub and _skel classes. so you'll get * and * . though i remember the classes were too advanced !!

Also, the "Naming" stuff... this is just like a directory service isn't it? I suppose this is essentially the same as what web services do, but in a proprietary format. Web services use SOAP (which sits on top of HTTP) and XML instead of rmic and UDDI instead of "Naming". But I guess since it's proprietary it's more efficient.

hey!! i'm a good blogger. correct again. yup.. i meant naming service == registry == directory service. i am not sure how efficient/good rmiregistry is. i don't know if there are any advanced querying options for rmiregistry. also as it is a part of the j2se, i am not sure how mny requests/sec it can handle. i guess UDDI must be more "mission critical".

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