Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Nano technology

I just finished reading this book called "Prey" by Michael Crichton. It obviously is completely fictional, but the underlying theme of the book is about nano technology. What do you guys think about this technolgoy and its potentialities?

I dunno much about it, but it seems to me that nano technology will be quite interelated with Artificial Intelligence. Which leads me to another question - how does one actually program AI? When you think about programming... it is about giving PRECISE instructions to the dumb machine about what you want it to do. I don't understand how AI works. How does the machine learn and evolve?

BTW, the book is great - highly recommended. I particularly like Crichton books cause he does SO much research about the subject and incorporates it into his books. For ex. in this book he talks briefly about recursion! Also mentions unix's root. I always get cheap thrills when I come across these in novels ;-)

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