Friday, December 05, 2003

the next JVM (Java Virtual Machine)

yet another day having to study instrumentation topics drove me to the highest levels to boredom. so the one way to refresh myself. some net.

this is the first time i ventured to some .NET territory. and read this article at, a oreily site. it explains about winfx, the next win api and how its going to change things, and more importantly how .NET fits in. read the article first before continuing. atleast the last line of the conclusion should answer a question dinesh had asked previously. do you need to learn .net.

so this very amazing idea popped into my head. will the next jvm, make calls to a .net api??? the jvm running inside the .net vm. am i just going crazy with instrumentation, you tell me. but if the next api is only managed, any app will need to make calls different from the then legacy win32 api!! for that matter the next C++ compiler. microsoft can argue that it is not cutting out the other languages coz .net has language independence. so java gets kicked out of the win platform, and then thats the end of the world. lalloo becomes pm of india.

is this just microsoft FUD ? is this hypothetical question worthy of being asked in an actual forum?

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