Sunday, December 07, 2003

Re: the next JVM (Java Virtual Machine)

the java vm just like any app it relies heavily on the undelying os. the vm for example has to perform actions like memory management.

But memory management etc... is java code itself. I don't think it relies on the OS for this. Also, realize that just the main API's that programmers are going to use will be managed with WinFX - not everything. Low level code like memory management/drivers/kernel stuff will still be in whatever they are using C or C++ - maybe even asm.

but i guess this situation would be no different for other languages trying to work outside the .net compiler. if your app wants to use new longhorn functionality it has to be .net. sounds really scary.

Yeah, I dunno what is going to happen. I am sure people will be talking about this and pressure Microsoft into doing something. What I am surprised about is that I have not read about this anywhere. I just started thinking about it because you brought it up. I'll try posting on some newsgroup and seeing what they have to say.

are you trying to say yu agree with vm in vm??

No, not at all. I was just joking. I wouldn't see any point in that.

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