Thursday, December 25, 2003

Re: Basic overview of .NET

i'll try to compare .net with java of what i understood and ask some more questions. correct where ever..

CLR == JVM //both are vitual machines.
BCL == ?? //the actual api
WinForms == Swing/AWT //GUI api
WebForms == JSF //web app design api
ADO == JDBC // database connectivity
IL == bytecode //lang vs platform independence

assemblies are a part which are a bit confusing. Are assemblies == class files with metadata? is a exe an assembly with main? i read somewhere that in .net i do not have to define each class in a seperate .java file. so are the modules seperate classes within one assembly?

i guess metadata deserves another blog. and lots more info on security. thats another topic i have no idea of in java. could you provide additional info on the config files. maybe another blog with source? being a java guy i find it a bit hard to visualize where config files would be used.

i guess i have filled you future blogs pipeline.

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