Friday, December 19, 2003

Re: nanotechnology

think we are still a long way from a "nanotech industry" as such producing .. like mohnish said ... nanosubmarines which can move around in your body.

Using nanotechnology to create AI or for that matter any machine / processor is very much possible. But the nanoparticles having intelligence is something which doesn't convince me. Nanoparticles are typically atoms (physical entities) and not machines and as such cannot have intelligence.

I think nanotechnology is an approach to manufacturing by manipulation of the basic building blocks - atoms. I am not sure it focusses on manufacturing microscopic machines, though that could well be considered in the future.

Bottomline - The only relation between nanotechnology and AI, which I can think of, is using nanotechnology to build AI, not imparting AI to the nanoparticles.

BTW - With all the shit that we're discussing here, what IS the current level of advancement in nanotechnology?! Anybody knows?

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