Saturday, January 29, 2005

Re: Solaris vs Linux

A while back Rahul and Hrishi had a discussion/argument about Solaris and Linux. Looks like some guys took their lead and released a whitepaper (pdf) comparing the two.

What were you debating about anyway?

The PDF did make some good points. All factors other than hardware support were clearly for Solaris. But somehow the conclusion did not suggest Solaris as it should have. That was a bit wierd. On the link providied by Mohn, right-click and Save Target As.. The PDF downloads from . So maybe this PDF is not totally unbiased!! So that makes the document loose a bit of credibility.

Btw the search for codeword doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?? Will have to look back to see what questions I had asked then.

Do any of you know any major advantages of Solaris over Linux or vice-versa?

I will definitely like to install solaris on my desktop, but have not gotten installation steps. Hrishi, have any docs from IIT? Would any of you try?

Gentoo is the Linux distribution I prefer. This is their recent newsletter. One of the top items is Gentoo/OpenSolaris stuff. So it seems like some open source guys are noticing OpenSolaris after all!! The news letter also has a pic of Gentoo running on the latest mini-Mac.

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