Saturday, January 08, 2005

Re: Advice for Computer Science College Students

What is the size of a python project after which it becomes unfeasable?

Generally, these scripting languages are not suited for large apps because they quickly become unmanagable. But people don't seem to have a problem with Python for huge apps. It has a huge library framework a la Java/.NET.

Python is an OO language. It's not strict like Java... more like C++ in that you can have functions and data NOT associated with a class. Plus, apparently it has a close relation with C/C++. So if there is some functionality that is not available you can create it with C/C++ and "expose" it in Python.

I did read up a bit on Python. What I got was a lot on the libraries. Could Mohn post a small example of creating a simple Class.

About size of projects, an application server Zope has been created in Python. So that kind of sets a very high limit for the size of Python projects.

Python has also got a Java port called Jython. So any code written in Python is converted to Java .class files. The author of the book also mentioned that a .NET python version may be released some day.

The python GUI library also uses Tcl/Tk in some way.

I wonder how easy it is to use MVC patterns or any others in Python code!!

Some other stuff...

My Networking module just got over. The next module is on Databases, queries and internals. What stuff do you guys know on the topic. So far the most complicated queries I have ever tried are "SELECT * FROM MYTABLE"!!

We should have a discussion on the How MS lost the API war blog which Mohn linked to. What did you guys think of it?

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