Sunday, January 09, 2005

Re: Advice for Computer Science College Students

I've heard about Jython and the .NET version (IronPython), but never looked at either one. Does Jython just produce Java bytecodes and thats it or can you also use the Java API? And what dyou think of these ports? Dyou think they are useful?

Jython creates Java class files and also allows usage of the entire Java API. See a simple example here.

One line from the example -
from java import awt //this allows usage of java.awt.*

Actually I am not sure we can call Jython a port of Java or vice-versa. Jython seems more like a simpler front-end for Java. As compilation is necessary, that advantage of the scripting lang is removed.

I do not think Jython is that useful. Newer Java IDE's can make life very simple. Especially VB style drag and drop GUI building. Python by itself seems to have some advantages.

Actually there is another scripting language based on Java called Groovy. I have heard quite a bit if groovy recently. But been to lazy to actually read anything on the topic. Groovy is also currently undergoing standardization through the Java Community Process.

What is Tcl/Tk? How is the Python GUI library using it?

I had mentioned Tcl a few posts back in this thead. Tcl stands for Tool Command Language and it is a scripting language. Tk adds GUI functionality to Tcl. I suppose that rather than creating a totally new GUI, python may have used some of Tk.

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