Saturday, September 25, 2004

Re: SUN in the news again!!

Somehow I always get the feeling Sun has a bit of an identity crisis. For ex. with IBM, you know they've put their full force behind Open Source. But with Sun, they support it, don't support it, now Open Sourcing Solaris, attacking Linux. It's hard to see where they will go.

I guess pretty much all closed sourced companies are under pressure now to open their source code to the world because of Linux. Microsoft already opened up Windows to major governments and recently did the same for Office. Sun felt the heat too and so decided to open source Solaris. Dyou see a great benefit from doing this? I guess they are mostly doing this to appease people than get anything out of it. I doubt there will be much community involvment in it as it will always be seen as controlled by Sun. Somehow it seems like a fad right now - Open Source everything... whether it will be of any use or not.

Sun has already open-sourced a lot of stuff and are very open with Java. Personally I do not think that Java should be open-sourced. They have to get the community on their side. Thats a very hard task.

I agree with you. It's a bad idea to open source Java. What they keep saying is Open Standards rather than Open source and that seems a good way to go. Actually, all the source for the Java API's are available. And Java is already quite open in that a lot of companies are involved in improving it.

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