Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Re: A9 ??

If I would get a good net connection I think I would. It has a better UI with more features.

The site looks good. They are providing a more "dynamic" user interface and some potentially useful additional features like keeping a history and bookmarking your searches. No doubt about this.

The point I was trying to make is, it is not a huge leap from what google is offering. Essentially, when I search, I want results - that's it. I don't even go to google's website anymore... just use it from the toolbar on Opera, Firefox and IE. So the UI that a9 is offering makes no difference to me since they are just returning google results. If it was using a different technology entirely, then yeah, maybe I'd use it to see how it compares to google (which has set the standard for everybody).

What's your opinion? Dyou agree on the point about functionality?

Do you use rich-UI sites? I know you don't like sites with flash overkill but does this qualify as the same?

Yup, generally I don't like Flash sites. The keyword is "generally". My experience has been that they go totally overboard and are too flashy (pun intended). But that's not to say I don't like rich-UI sites. The best example is GMail. It qualifies as a rich-UI site. And it's superbly designed... extremely simple, but functional and useable.

I know you have an opposite view regarding flash sites.

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