Monday, September 20, 2004

A9 ??

A9 from Amazon is a new search engine.

They have a pretty neat interface and cool options. Similar to the gmail site in a way. Are these the next generation of web-sites? They seem like semi - Rich Internet Applications. (D'yu know what I mean!). You guys seen any similar stuff? With higher bandwidth becoming more common, RIA and better UI's seem to be the way to go. Just like 3-D desktops. Or will they just be more eye-candy??

Also in the A9 FAQ, it is mentioned that they internally use the google service for searching web pages. So how does A9 become a competitor to google? And wouldn't A9 have had to make an agreement with google to use them as a backend(sort of)!!.

P.s: The coolest thing i noticed so far is the site-info after performing a search. And EconomicTimes,IndiaTimes comes in a whopping 12+ seconds. Try finding something slower!!

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