Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Re: Coder to Developer

Google is a non-coercive monopoly, so let them enjoy it. They certainly deserve it. In a non-coercive monopoly, people always have the choice not to make use of a service. No one's "forcing" people to use google, it just got that way because they are good.

This exact same argument can be applied to the Windows, Office and IE monopolies. Who is forcing you to use it? You have plenty of choices out there - All the *nix's, Mac, Open Office, Star Office, WordPerfect, Mozilla, Opera, Safari etc... Don't like Microsoft? You can get by fine without using them. Interoperability is becoming less of an issue everyday with competing products being able to read and produce MS file formats.

The point is that once people get used to something and find it reasonably good, that satisfies their needs, they are reluctant to change.

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