Monday, May 10, 2004

Re: Coder to Developer

I just feel like once we have been exposed to this stuff, we are left on a ledge somewhere to our own devices. Without knowing why or where they could be applicable. Some stuff I'm learning in Automata Theory seems quite interesting. It's just a very frustrating learning experience because I have no idea when, where or why I would use it. And that just makes you dislike the subject. This has been my experience in all such classes. It's not a one off deal.

Damn well put. I know exactly what you mean, some things are just not fathomable unless you see how it applies in reality. I think Tanenbaum in his operating systems book, makes a statement that " ... some of it is of no use, other than maybe keeping a few graph theorists employed" :). I remember laughing so much when i read that, i don't remember precisely what he was talking about, but in the context it was really funny. Sometimes, I almost come to believe it's true. I'm sure I will come across this in the future too, when i do more in AI, though personally,i want to be a master at both theory and practice :):)


p.s. - What the hell happened to the blogs interface, I do not like this new one.

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