Sunday, May 23, 2004

Re: Coder to Developer

What the hell happened to the blogs interface, I do not like this new one.

They upgraded the entire system recenty. Check out The Great Blogger Relaunch

What impression dyou have of Google? They're everywhere nowdays and keeps getting billed as the the hottest company on earth (at the moment). Everything they do is something unique and different - either in coming up with something new or improving on stuff thats already out there. They also have the "DO NO EVIL" policy which they publicized when they announced they were going public.

But how long dyou think this will last? I feel the more successful they get they'll acquire a more of a Microsoft image. They've already started to somewhat monopolize the search market. The market share won't statistically prove that, but c'mmon "to google" has become a verb in common lingo. With everyone relying on google for their information/search needs, the search engine market is fast resembling the OS market. It's also becoming a situation where people start thing, if you can't find it with Google, you can't find it anywhere else. They're even planning on "Puffin" - a search product for your local machine.

Also, as they head towards becoming a public company, they're driving force will be to generate more income/profits to satiate their share holders. They're ads will get more prominent. They've been very smart about it and have clearly been mindful of it until now, with not making it intrusive. But I read somewhere recently they were experimenting with graphic ads. It will be interesting to see where they are and how they are perceived in another 5 years. What dyou feel?

Just want to make clear that I really like google and all the services they provide. They definitely do have the best search out there - personally I have the most success with them. Also the GMail interface is fantastic - probably the most innovation that's occured in that area in a LONG time. But I just feel like this "darling" image everyone has of Google (including themselves) cannot last forever.

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