Friday, January 02, 2004

Re: Assemblies and Metadata 2

what are the advantages of having assemblies and metadata?

what i noticed was..
assemblies help create a single file for a number of classes. unlike java where only one class can be defined in a file. i need to create a jar package to better distribute my files.

metadata is going to be introduced in the next version of java 1.5 code name tiger later this year. how does metadata help? mohn said that method signatures properties can be exposed. but can't that be done by simple reflection? there are ways of setting permissions etc as well in java but i do not how.

also mohn spoke of how i can have very efficient version control by configuration files. simply update a file and change the version number, and similarly in the metadata of the calling code. but who is allowed to change whether a new version of a file is to be used. such power in a users hand can be awkward. or how else do you upgrade a part of an app? new blog on config files.!!

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