Friday, January 16, 2004

The many faces of GC

Interesting to see that allocation of an object in .NET/Java is FASTER than in C/C++! Infact, since it's just incrementing of a pointer, it is probably as fast as a stack allocation. Deallocation, of course, is another story ;-)

I like how Java is not really associated with any particular GC scheme. This is good design - a proper componentized system.

The article talks about .NET only having one GC implementation. But that is not really true. The framework actually comes in two flavors... a workstation version and a server version. They have different goals in that the workstation version is more optimized for response-time whereas the server version is more concerned with throughput and also takes multiple processors into account. Similarly, the .NET Compact framework most probably has a different GC implementation customized to suit smaller memories. Also, different third party implementors like Mono are free to use whatever GC scheme they want, just like the different JVM implementations.

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