Sunday, November 30, 2003

Re: Books

I had looked at the Stroustrup book a few years back when I knew NOTHING about c++ and it looked too advanced. It just felt more like a manual than explaning concepts. I'll look at it again - Maybe this time will be different. How detailed does it get?

yup the bjarne book is not to be picked up if u don't know a little about C++ already ... it's not a beginners book ... what i like about the guy is that he writes very clearly and he's not tried to explain very damn feature of the language .. it's more like how to use the kowledge u already have effectively .. that i like ... and he is a genius ... and he covers everything ... or nearly everything :) ... not finished the book yet!!

Another book I was wondering if you had looked at was "The Design and Evolution of C++". I think this might be a worthwhile read. It seems quite interesting.

i heard of this one too ... from the reviews i can't decipher whether it is based more on history of C++ rather than it's design .. tell me if u get more info

What kind of philosophy are you talking about? I used to think that I would like philosophy, but I'm taking a "Human Nature" class this sem and it's just awful. Dunno if it's the prof or the material - I just can't stand it.

it's probably both ... one leads to the other ..... what kind of works do they ask u to refer ... immanuel kant or david hume or some dumb bastard on the same lines? .. ayn rand's philosophy is called objectivism ... her philosophy is based on the premise that "A is A" -- that is objective reality ... she potrays man as a hero ... i know ppl will go through thier lives without having thought for a single day about philosophy or morality ... but if u ask me the first thing u should think about is philosophy ... not in the abstract ivory tower way ppl talk about it ... everything u do needs to be based on that philosophy .. take two days off and read her book .. i assure you it will be worth it ... she changed my life :) ... read both ... first fountainhead and then atlas shrugged ..... if ur dad has actually based his company's name on fountainhead .. man i'd like to meet him someday .. i don't meet ppl very often who love her work like i do :)

i wish i could take a philosophy course somewhere but i doubt they teach the kind of stuff i like.

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