Friday, November 21, 2003

Re: Basic overview of the Network stack

basic tcp/ip structure


i'll just explain ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) ... once the packet of data with the ip header comes to the local network .. a machine (internal router) has a file with a table of ip's with thier corresponding machine address's ... thus this machine, looking at the ip decides which particular machine on the network the data is intended for ... if it were ethernet .. then the physical address would be the MAC(Media Access Control) of ur lan card ... if it doesn't find a corresponding MAC for the ip ... it broadcasts the message to the network and if there r any takers corresponding to that ip, it adds that machine's MAC to the table against that ip .. this on the whole is called Address Resolution Protocol

if i am wrong please correct ... been sometime since i looked at tcp/ip

by the way the subnet mask u put for ur machine is just the range of ip's forward and backward of ur ip, with whom u can exchange data ... without having to go through the router.

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