Saturday, November 15, 2003

Allocation vs Initialization in Java/.NET

Hi all,

Great way for us to share some cool programming and other stuff. I was thinking about the role I could play in the blog especially with my vast tech knowledge. So i came to the conclusion that i will use humour to avoid you guys noticing how lame my blogs are. I promise to try to transform this blog to something like a cookery blog.

I am actually a very confused person on many issues relating to tech. and otherwise. like the future of java vs .net etc. so a lot of these things might come up. And otherwise I might just throw in a tech blog. So beware!!
Anyways this is a good start for me but i'll have to leave when they call me from oreilly.

Regarding to Mohnish's "allocation vs initialization in c++", could you continue your comparison wrt java or .net.
Would it be
Foo f[10]; //allocation
for (int i=0,i<10;i++){
f[i] = new Foo(1,2); //initialization

Keep blogging guys!!


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