Sunday, July 04, 2004

Re: The C++ Source (C++ future)

If you guys have no real work; have a look at a few of the better Java desktop applications here.

We're all borderline bums so we don't have real work.

Anyway, those UI's looked good. It's not impossible to come up with a good UI in Java. The question is how easy is it? If it's not straightforward "by default" then regular joe java devs will be putting out awful interfaces. And I guess that's whats been happening. The less expected of programmers the better.

I can't claim to have used many Java client apps. The only one I have used is Forte by Sun. It was an alright experience - not bad, but definitely could be better. It just felt like the app was out of place in Windows. I feel like apps should look like they were made for "my" platform. Each platform has its own features and strengths and the apps should use that. This is the area I feel Java is limiting.

Is it possible to create a java desktop application that w/o any change will work on any platform?

Java's strengths are it's weaknesses and I suppose same for the other languages/platforms.

Can't think of a better way of putting this.

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