Friday, July 30, 2004

Inventory Editor

Having to move to bangalore soon got me planning and generally shopping and packing my stuff. I got irritated created stupid txt files of my inventory, so I coded a small program which turned out pretty neat ;)

The file can be found here Windows: Inventory Editor

It's not great or anything but I think it can be pretty handy. Try it out. Revo, obviously this will be of more use to you. Did one cool thing in it, I used a serialization library called Eternity by Nicola Santi :D It was good fun!!

The program supports Adding, Editing and Deleting Inventory Entries. It also supports printing the Inventory to a txt file in a nice format (view the txt file in maximized window mode). No Linux version, yet!

I'll post this on my blog too later and hence the disclaimer in the zip file. Check it out and tell me how it is. I've not found any obvious errors yet, but tell me if you find any. And the Format Specifiers for output are according to my window dimensions, so it may be distorted for you.

By the way, please enter ints where ints are expected and likewise for the other fields. I haven't done any protection against such things. I thought only I'd be using the program.


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