Sunday, February 29, 2004

Re: communicating to a modem

There was this thing I'd tried back in junior college days. Basically, you connect to a friend's computer using hyper terminal. On the server side, you punch in the command ats0=1 or something like that; don't remember exactly. Then a friend would dial into my computer using the modem and we could transfer files. It was a good way to transfer files too big to mail. And it was pretty quick too (about 4 KB/s... yeah that's quick... quicker than dialup downloads :-))

I've a question... is there a program which I can use to make / answer telephone calls? Something which runs in the background and tells me when the phone rings (assuming I don't have a regular phone connected) so I can answer it using the computer itself... listen on the sound blaster and speak into the mike connected to the sound card. I tried the phone dialer one time but I think it just dialed... so wasn't a complete telephone call. Are there any settings which have to be tweaked or something like that?

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