Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Code Review

i am posting some code i had written last year. libapp was a library application written in java (obviously). the app source has been put up on www.avivaint.com/temp/libapp.zip. this is a temporary locaton and i'll keep it for a week.

the app consits of a GUI in swing which is a client app. a rmi server is also started to which we connect. hence the app is distributed. also on the server-side jdbc calls are made to the database in which the actual data is persisted. libapp requires some setting-up and compiling. these instructions you'll find in the README file included in the zip file. as lazy as i am i have not tested the app recently. so let me know of any errors in setting-up/compiling or bugs.

i would really love suggestions for improvement on the code so lets keep blogspot a little busy.

and yes.. all the code is released under GPL so feel free to use/distribute.. (i.e if you find anything useful to do with it)

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