Saturday, May 21, 2005

Re: Integrating OpenEJB with Tomcat 5.0

I know what you guys are thinking - "Dinesh talking about EJB

Welcome to the Dark Side!! Btw how many of you all like Star Wars??

I guess you all know that Tomcat is not an EJB Container and as such requires external support for it to work with EJB's, well I at work have been reading on EJB's for the past few days and as usual being my impatient self, just couldn't contend myself with reading the book, I had to see and run some code. Well, I already had Tomcat installed so I was wondering if there's anything I can do to get it working with EJB's and that's when I fell upon OpenEJB. (I think there's also Jboss)

I'll just give a brief intro. Tomcat is a J2EE Web Container which can be used to deploy Java Server Pages(JSP) and Servlets both of which are used to create dynamic web pages. Open EJB is (i suppose) just an EJB Container which allows you to deploy EJB's. OpenEJB and JBoss are open source implementations.

Revo, you'll really love this, that's if you already haven't done it. Just try it out, it's really simple and yet so powerful.

You mean calling EJB's from JSP's or Integrating OpenEJB and Tomcat?

I have used Sun's Reference Implementation(RI) J2EE App Server for deploying my EJB's. The RI includes Tomcat as a Web Container so you do not have to manually integrate. Also the RI has a good admin console. The RI is free for use. I am not sure about the source. I haven't used OpenEJB. I guess the RI will be more user friendly.

It was a great moment to see my SessionBean being called from my jsp. A good experience, but yet I'd rather be writing cryptic C++ code ;)

I am sure you have read about the functionality provided by J2EE App Servers.. all the distibuted stuff.. implicit middleware etc. Writing an app to achieve functionality like this will really take a huge team and loads of cryptic code. Btw are there any C++ App Servers which provide such services??

Also I spoke of the Dark side. EJB's are difficult to use. Don't Make me Eat the Elephant Again is an article that talks a bit on what the situation is today. There are alternatives to EJB like Spring + Hibernate which I have been hearing a lot of but have never had time to read about. Also the EJB 3 release will be coming soon which is based on J2SE 5.0 and heavily uses annotations which should really simplify coding.

Mohn.. could you mention a little about how the .NET framework handles persistence for the Enterprise?? I have heard that it is simple compared to the Java model.

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