Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Integrating OpenEJB with Tomcat 5.0

I know what you guys are thinking - "Dinesh talking about EJB, GIVE ME A
BREAK!!" ;) But as the Walrus said "The time has come to talk of many
things" :)

I guess you all know that Tomcat is not an EJB Container and as such
requires external support for it to work with EJB's, well I at work have
been reading on EJB's for the past few days and as usual being my
impatient self, just couldn't contend myself with reading the book, I
had to see and run some code. Well, I already had Tomcat installed so I
was wondering if there's anything I can do to get it working with EJB's
and that's when I fell upon OpenEJB. (I think there's also Jboss)

I will not go into what you should do inorder to integrate the two cause
there's already an excellent article available on the subject at

Revo, you'll really love this, that's if you already haven't done it.
Just try it out, it's really simple and yet so powerful.

It was a great moment to see my SessionBean being called from my jsp. A
good experience, but yet I'd rather be writing cryptic C++ code ;)
(Sorry, I'll be me, always!)


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