Saturday, May 21, 2005

Re: Adventures with Linux

Looking around I came across ndiswrapper on sourceforge. This is a really neat project which uses windows drivers to get linux to recognize the card. I had some trouble with the newest vesion (1.1), so tried different versions (.10, .09), compiled and can it. It worked! So configured "wlan0" and now writing this post in Opera 8.0 on Mandrake 10.0! Just had a feeling of euphoria!

Woohooo... Congrats man on finally getting your wlan working. Mohn had asked me to help with ndiswrapper ages back.. and as lazy as I am, he had to do it himself!!

You would think that having struggled with it for so long, I would be quite sick of it. In some ways I am, but I've also learnt a lot in the process. And this is the essence of Linux.

Exactly. There are so many things we just take for granted when we use Windows. But only for customization etc when you go deep into Linux do you understand a lot more about the OS and other stuff.

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