Monday, October 30, 2006

Free the Platform!!

Can anyone tell me why I cant upgrade my mobile phone software?? Not some Java application on the phone, but the actual operating system. How much of a difference is there between a Nokia series 40 and Nokia series 60 phone in terms of hardware? Should I not be able to swipe the existing JVM which was based on an older Java implementation to a newer one? Will I ever be able to customise the hardware in the phone? Maybe we'll have to wait a bit longer for programmable hardware.. probably through FPGA's.

In a few years the mobile phone will be more important the the average computer. More people will use handheld devices for their daily tasks like browsing the net and listening to music. Developers will follow.. creating the next generation of killer applications.. followed by hackers to free the platform.. and by then google will own all your data

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